January 25, 2022

Winzer Krems Orange Gruner Veltliner

Winzer Krems

Who makes it?

Winzer Krems is a large cooperative with over 900 winegrowers selling their grapes in Kremstal just the north of Wien (Vienna). They could well be considered a Gruner Veltliner specialist considering they make more than 10 versions. This wine is a little different. It is a nod of the head to natural wine, using some of those techniques but still focusing on retaining Gruner’s fruity spicy appeal. 

The term ‘natural wine’ was coined for those wines that were made using traditional techniques. Techniques such as extended skin contact to give added complex flavours and textures. 

For more information about natural wines, please read I always thought that wine was a ‘natural’ product ….

How they make it

Gruner Veltliner is considered a native grape to the Niederosterreich region. Kremstal is a sub region of Niederosterreich. It is said to be an offspring of Traminer and St Georgen, hence its delightful perfume.

This wine spent 18 days on the grape skins during the fermentation. The wine has a light ‘glossy’ feel because of this.

What does it taste like?

The wine is dry (it is 4 grams/litre). The skin time has added extra body and fleshiness to the wine. It is not an ‘orange’ colour at all. It is a mid lemon colour. A sign that the winemaker’s focus is retaining the freshness in the wine. This is also apparent in the peach and pepper fruit aromas that are still recognisable under the mandarin peel, ginger spice and ginger beer characters. Typical characters of white wines with skin contact.

There is a low level of tannins shaping the wine along with the silkiness that comes with that ‘glossiness’. The long finish is some ripe nectarine flavours with a gingery spice profile. 

What to drink it with?

Enjoy drinking this wine with some Asian flavours. The perfume and the ginger spice are a great complement for that style of food. It is also a lovely wine to enjoy with a Quiche Lorraine or a pear and brie tartlet.

Quickie review « This is a great introduction to skin contact whites. It shows how careful judgement adds the right level of character while leaving freshness.»

Country of Origin: Kremstal, Austria
Tasting Date: October 2021
Price:  UK £11 | €10  |USD$20 ++ 
Drink: now 
Needs food: no
Source: purchase

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