April 2, 2020

Would you buy wine from Amazon? You should give it a go.

I have. In sourcing wines for my tasting masterclasses, I have sometimes used Amazon.co.uk as a source…

….and usually Prime members receive 24 hour delivery (albeit non-virus times).  

There are several ways that Amazon sells wine.

(Note: as at 1st April 2020, Amazon is still delivering wine. However, delivery may take longer.)

Firstly, listed as from Amazon itself. Then also from their Fresh (Prime members) or Pantry lines. However, there are also third party sellers that list their wines on Amazon. Usually, these will be independant retailers that sell online and augment their online stores with Amazon listings.

Due to an acceptable range of wines for drinking right now or in the short term, whatever the reason, on Fresh or Pantry. There are the usual highly recognisable brands from the supermarkets. Amazon is not necessarily an outlet for collectors seeking prestige wines and back vintages. However, even there amongst the Barefoot and Yellow Tail, is Peter Lehmann, Bollinger and Jadot. If you know what you are buying, of course there are wines that you can lay down too!

Where I find more interesting to shop is amongst the more unusual wines from normally under-represented countries and regions on offer.  

Amazon wine

Not only are there wines that are available as part of some on-line store’s regular range, it is also a place to pick up ‘bin ends’ or end of vintage stocks. These ‘bin ends’ come about as some bricks and mortar retailers change over to a new vintage in all their outlets at the same time, without having to place the old vintage wines out with the new vintage. Of course, unless it was from a poor vintage, or it is a wine that is past its prime (either a very inexpensive wine that needs to be drunk early or old stock that is not just last year’s release), these bin ends are usually a good deal.

Here are some good reasons to buy wine from Amazon.co.uk

( it might also apply to Amazon from other countries):

  • There are some smart prices offered by the wineshops who sell on Amazon, as well as the wines directly from Amazon.
  • ‘not your usual’. Sometimes you might find some more unique wines listed that will be well worth it.
  • You CAN get single bottle delivery or 6 packs.
  • Some wines are available on Prime (fast & free delivery).
  • Those ‘bin end’ deals.
  • If the wines are damaged in anyway, you can get a refund.
  • A good alternative for gift boxed sets.

However …..

Make sure that you are getting a good deal. As with any on-line deal, some wines will attract a high premium so do shop around.

Particularly, check the delivery costs!!! These can be real gotchas.

It is always good practice to do an independent price check if you can to make sure it is a price you are happy to payJust as you would for any on-line purchase.

What to look for when buying wine from Amazon?

Wines offered on Amazon can be particularly good value too. Don’t just stay with the Amazon fresh or pantry offers. There are specialised wine stores also selling via Amazon who have a much wider range of wine.

A good example of this is a wine that I always snap up if I see it, which is not as often as I would like as I have only ever seen it in Booths and I am rarely in reach of one of their stores. The Biferno Rosso Riserva DOC Palladino. I have found it from time to time on Amazon (sold there by The Fine Wine Company Ltd) and though it is a little more and there is a delivery charge, you can get multiple bottles which makes the delivery charge worthwhile.

Amazon wine

If you are a Prosecco lover, you might find Mionetto for a good price and if you have Amazon Prime already, free delivery even if it is a single bottle. Better yet is if you can find a well priced Villa Sandi Prosecco (although I notice that these have risen in price recently).  

Or maybe you’d prefer Port? Ramos Pinto 10 YO Quinta da Ervamoira Tawny is a very competitively priced too. 

I am not saying that I would be a power purchaser of wine with Amazon, however, it does make an interesting alternative when you might not be able to get to your local bottle shop that week.

Amazon Wine

And finally, don’t forget! As with all wine deliveries in the UK, you will need age appropriate identification to receive delivery of your wine. 

Please note: I have received no payment of any kind for this article.


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