Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston is a Sydney/London based wine educator, writer and wine business consultant who believes that wine should be fun, sometimes contemplative and never intimidating.

A firm believer that the wine experience is one that should be shared, winemusing.com will celebrate the best wines, winemakers and wine experiences from Australia to London and beyond. Thanks to the ever changing nature of wine, in the vineyard, in the bottle and in the glass – this may take a very very long time.

In 2012, Lisa started just bottled! to bring together the Australian Wine blogging community feeds into one easy to read paperli.

You may also find contributions from Lisa on the following web sites:

WinemusingTV on Youtube.com

My Wine Society app







Rating Wines: You will very often come across a wine review with a score out of 20 or 100.  This works very well in a tasting panel situation and can work with an individual reviewer. However, this system cannot take into consideration your taste which may be entirely different from the reviewer, nor does it take into account the difference in scoring techniques by different reviews ie. a 90 might be equivalent to a 94 depending on the reviewer. There also seems to be a trend that consumers will only buy wines with high scores, such as 92+.  This is a shame as there are plenty of interesting gems with lower scores.   As I am a firm believer that it is better to choose using a description of the wine rather than relying on a score, I have not included a score. Outstanding wines may appear on my Top 5 list’s or on my shopping lists or in the Friday Drinks Club recommendations.

Disclaimer: Winemuse is not affiliated with any wine producer or distributor.  Any wine review or article appearing on www.winemusing.com is done with the purpose of providing an independant assessment of a wine not to promoting any associated business unless stated.