Private Groups


Arranging a private group gives you so much more flexibility over when and what you taste and the theme for your Winemusing Sessions. It can be a single one-off event, or as a regular event.

Here are some of the benefits of having a group of your own: 

You decide how large or small your group is.

The starting price is based on five people, but how large your group is will be up to you.

We have run groups for streets so that people can get to know a little bit about one another in a social gathering (even on-line). We have run sessions for groups of friends who wanted something different for their next get together. Birthday celebrations, social groups…. The sessions are for all levels of interest and knowledge about wines. 

You decide where it happens: Either on-line, at TW2 The Green or at in your own home.

On-line courses can also be managed if you are a group anywhere and will purchase your own wines on my recommendations.  

You decide how many wines you want to include in your tasting.

You may decide that instead of four wines, you would like 5 wines or 6 wines. If online – you can also choose between 65 ml sample bottles and 100 ml sample bottles.

You can then decide that you want a different selection of wines. For instance, you might decide that you only want red wines or white wines.

You can choose from the menu of suggested themes, or if you have something different in mind, you can suggest a different theme.

 You have a greater choice in dates for your events.

An indicative price for an online session is: 

5 people = £42 each or 6 people = £35 each 


  • 4 x 65 ml sample of wines that suit the theme
  • 40-50 minute masterclass
  • 30-60 minute tasting session 
  • Samples delivered to your door (within Twickenham vicinty) 48 hours prior to tasting for Covid precautions.

To discuss your ideas, please contact us for more information!