January 24, 2020

Book Review: The Producers – A taste of South Australia

the Producers

Late last year, I was given this book, The Producers, while tasting with Kathy Drogemuller from Paracombe Wines in the Adelaide Hills. It is a compendium of stories of the producers of some of the finest gourmet foods in the state of South Australia. From almonds to milk, from honey to chocolate with plenty of wine in between. 

Of course, there is wine! And beer and gin. In fact, ‘The Producers – A taste of South Australia’ is all too easy to devour with its gorgeous photography and captivating stories. 

And of course, there is wine…. too many of the state’s greats and new faves to fully list here. Just some of them that have appeared here on Winemusing so far are: Bremerton Wines, Chaffey Bros. Wine Co., Chapel Hill, Coriole, d’Arenberg, Hahndorf Hill, Jim Barry Wines, Kay Brothers, Kies Family Wines, Knappstein Winery, Lake Breeze Wines, Langmeil Winery, Majella Wines, Temple Bruer Organic Wines …. That is not even half of the wineries featured in this book.

And …. Paracombe Wines is right there on page 160.

Enjoy! It’s a feast….


The Producers – A taste of South Australia is available from Budmedia for $34.95.

Thank you, Kathy.


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