June 1, 2023

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora

Who makes it?

Brown Brothers is one of Australia’s First Families of Wine and the Orange Muscat & Flora is one of their famed unique blends. This time it is a dessert wine. A fresh and fragrant dessert wine. They are also well known for their Patricia Noble Riesling which is a botrytis effected Riesling. The Orange Muscat & Flora, however, could be said to be a little more humble than its noble sibling. And it is one wine that certainly should not be overlooked.

Particularly since Brown Brothers have also started to position this wine as a cocktail base. This gives winelovers even more reason to love this amiable sweetie.

Click here to see the cocktail recipes developed by Brown Brothers for this wine.

How do they make it?

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora is a late harvested wine. The blend is around 80% Orange Muscat with the rest being the rare grape, Flora. The wine is sweet but not quite as lusciously sweet as some of Australia’s botrytis wines. It is a stopped ferment sweet wine where the winemaker has stopped the ferment around 10% alcohol.

What does it taste like?

This is a sweetie. Not necessarily a ‘sticky’ dessert wine but certainly there is a very well balanced sweetness. The acid keeps this wine fresh, lighter and rather zippy. It is a light golden colour when poured and the aromas of musky florals, citrus and honey tantalise your nose. It is more fuller bodied and rather rounded with that residual sugar. The spicy, lemon and honey sits on the tongue for a long moment.

If you buy a six pack of this wine. Don’t feel that you should be in a rush to drink all the bottles quickly.  This is a surprisingly good wine to cellar for a short while too.

What to drink it with?

This is a dessert wine that is made for fruity desserts. A lemon tart would be superb, a lemon drizzle cake or orange and poppy cake or a Pastel de Nata. Or cheese.


I would suggest any blue cheese with work with this wine. The salty sweet combination is hard to beat. 

Quickie review « Sweet but very well balanced. This wine is one close to many an Aussie heart! »

Country of Origin: Victoria, Australia
Tasting Date: May 2023
Price:  UK £8 | AU $10.5  
Drink: now – 3+ years 
Needs food: yes
Source: Supplier sample

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