November 24, 2022

Turkey Flat Barossa Valley White

turkey Flat Barossa white

Who makes it?

Turkey Flat has some of the Barossa Valley’s old vineyards with some of their original vines dating back to 1847. In recent years the estate has been following many organic viticultural approaches. Great care is taken in the vineyard, as it is home to some of the oldest vines still in production in the world. Particularly the 1847 Shiraz vines planted by the first owner Johann Fielder. Christie Schulz’s family have owned the estate since the 1860s. Christie is the fourth generation of her family.

It is important to note though that the family only started to make wine under the Turkey Flat label in the 1990s.

How do they make it?

This wine celebrates the rich history of the Rhone grapes in the region, usually wine drinkers immediately think of shiraz or grenache and often forget that Marsanne has also had a long history in Australian’s vineyards. In the past, this blend included about a third Viognier as well, celebrating the rich tapestry of Rhone grapes that have found a definite Australian accent, or make that a drawl. However, recently Turkey Flat have focused on just marsanne and roussanne .

Do check the current vintages as they come out.

What does it taste like?

There is still a zestiness to this white Rhone blend, tropical nectarine fragrance, tempered with a honeyed softness and a creamy spiciness.  As inviting as this wine is on the nose, it sings in the mouth. It has a ripe vibrancy that extends along the length.  While these blends are fresh with a soft curve when they are young, it is with some age that these gain a deeper honeyed roundness. Thanks also in part to some time in oak. Just a portion to add some creamy silkiness to the fruit weight.

What to drink it with?

Sure, this is an easy wine to enjoy with lunch or dinner, but it most certainly does not need food to be at its best. 


Fresh cheeses work well here such as feta and ricotta. Or a brie.

Quickie review « An mid term cellaring prospect that is fresh and textural right now. It shines a spotlight on just how good white wines can be from the Barossa Valley!»

Country of Origin: Barossa Valley, Australia
Tasting Date: July 2022
Price:  UK £18 | AU $ 25  
Drink: now – 5+ years
Needs food: no
Source: tasting

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