May 30, 2024

Causse de Theron ‘En Pente’ Cahors 

Who makes it? 

The producers of Causse de Theron sourced this red from the En Pente vineyard in Cahors. Cahors is the best known region in France which makes Malbec, its focus grape variety. However, it is not really all that well known as a region despite Malbec being a native to the South West of France. All the while, Malbec is now quite well known as an easy choice of red wine from Argentina.   

This is where this wine’s provenance gets interesting. It is, of course, a Cahors wine. And the winemaking team includes Sebastien Sigaud, plus Altos’ winemaker Attilio Pagli, known for his Italian wines as well. However, the Causse de Theron label is a collaboration between Antonio Morescalchi from Argentina’s Altos label and Chilean wine terrior expert, Pedro Parra. Therefore, this collaboration was bound to be rather special. And it delivers. 

How do they make it? 

En Pente vineyard, where the team at Causse de Theron sources their g is set on Kimmeridgean Limestone soil. This means the soil contains at least some of the same elements that you should expect in Chablis and Champagne for example. As this is a project about ensuring that Malbec is showing how it reflects this terroir, it is fermented using endemic yeasts and then aged in a stainless steel tank for two years before release.  

What does it taste like? 

There is a softness and roundness to this dry red wine. And a spiciness. The aromas are of spicy cherry, raspberry and mint. And in the mouth the fruit takes on a bright vibrancy. The fruit is fuller in body without reaching full bodied and it has a supple smoothness. This is one Cahors that you can get into and drink straight away if you want to. 

What to drink it with? 

Reds from the South of France immediately make me think of wild boar sausages, but any pork or lamb sausages will do. Also a tasty beef stew or ragu pasta dish. Lasagne is an easy option. Malbec is not fussy. There are plenty of options. If you are vegetarian, then grilled haloumi with some grilled Mediterranean veggies is also a tasty choice. 



Drink this wine with a semi-hard or hard cheese. Cheddar, Manchego or some crumbled parmesan. 

Quickie review « As bright and vibrantly coloured as you should expect your Malbecs to be, this time with an Argentinian accent. » 

Country of Origin:  Cahors, France 
Tasting Date: January 2024 
Price:   £20   
Drink: now – 5+ years  
Needs food: no 
Source: tasting 


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